Sunday, March 23, 2008


We have started a tradition of having Friday night dinners with Melanie, Amy, Stephanie and the husbands at Roc in Tribeca - really good Italian food, good service, good overall experience. The exciting part of the first dinner was that we sat next to Michael Imperioli (Christopher from The Sopranos - see below)
Naturally, none of us acted like we cared, when we could hardly wait for him to leave so that we could talk about our sighting. Just went back for our second dinner - and there he was again! Same table, same night of the week - coincidence? Or maybe he just knew we would be there....

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kudzu said...

we've seen him at landmarc a few times, and at the bank. Who'd think he banks at commerce? prob just getting cash out. you should try Max too. it's on duane street. much cheaper but delish delish. homemade pasta, really cosy. and huge portions (we are greedy) that are about 12 bucks. cant beat it. we'll have to go one day. all these posts, oh my! ps it's nat.