Saturday, May 10, 2008


Since Dirk's move to the new office, we have been exploring the Flatiron area for new after-work-dinner places. Last night, we went to Lunetta and it was good - definitely worth a second trip. I will say there were some problems (we sent the bruschetta back because it was burnt, but was great the 2nd time around; the beet salad was dripping with oil). But when it worked - the homemade ricotta, the meatballs - it was great. So we are giving it a second chance, partly because of the really great service and partly because I am obsessed with the lighting fixtures (such a bad picture below, but they are like huge tassles of glowing globes).


Joanna Goddard said...

omg, have you been to tia pol? SO good. also cookshop. but i guess they're more in chelsea....


Marcie Greene said...

We'll definitely try Tia Pol. We went to Boqueria as well, which was great - yummy tapas.

Have tried Cookshop, but like 5 Points better I think (plus it's in the 'hood, while Cookshop is so far West, for us anyway).