Sunday, July 6, 2008

Tell Me Your Thoughts.....

Hello loyal readers (all 3 of you) - hopefully this new feature will make the site a little more interesting. I am lucky enough to be complimented on things that I wear (at times - other times Dirk makes a face before I leave the apartment prompting a costume change). I thought it might be nice to post things other people think are nice as well (not meant to be in an arrogant way, but I have been struggling with things to blog about lately). 

So, take a look at the following posts and let me know what you think. Since a lot of the items will probably involve jewelry, I have posted the hand above - not only a symbol of me raising my hand to get your attention, but I have always wanted one to hang necklace from (this one is from the fabulous Living, etc. website that sadly I cannot order from while in NYC. They sometimes sell them at Fish's Eddy as well, but couldn't find it on their site). 

1 comment:

natalie v said...

i bet you can find something like this on ebay.
i think you should start a new blog. one that is jewellery centric, not personal. and leave this one for more all encompassing musings. thoughts?