Saturday, February 2, 2008

Leavin' on a Jet Plane........

If I haven't mentioned it, Dirk and I are off to London on February 12th - me for 6 days and him for almost 3 weeks (yikes!). I am so excited, and am looking forward to a lot of window shopping, stressing about the exchange rate, and seeing all of our friends and family there. Although I have been there many times before, I've never been for 6 days at a time and I really want to explore new shops and see different parts of the city (of course we'll hit the usual Topshop/Selfridge's/Harvey Nichols trifecta) - does anyone have any great shopping tips for either new or vintage stores? 

PS - I love this print, from


natalie v said...

Marcie, have you been to borough markets? did we speak about them the other day? fun markets although more beautiful in the summer as there would be better produce. but like a big Union Square green market. devine. and great little bakeries and cafes nearby to check out.

Marcie Greene said...

No, I've never been there - only to Portobello Market (and that's different, right?) Is there a best day to go? Thanks for the tip!

natalie v said...

yes, go on sat morning - i think that is best. its different as its only food- if you are into that. go for a late breakfast or something. quite a scene around the edges (where coffee shops are).
also harrods has a laduree cafe. have you had one of their macaroons? magical. the best things ever. i would just pop in and get a small box and eat them at the hotel. tea shop might be a bit old-lady-harrods. packaging is devine and these macaroons are amazing. nick sent me a box when i was in paris (thats where they are from) when we first started going out - and i had no idea what they were -but they didnt arrive. so sad. got some later though. one of my favorite things ever.
also, have you been to liberty dept store? look around and i've seen they have a new tea store, so stop for a tea there. brunch or lunch or dinner at the wolsely - thing to do. another magical thing to do is to go to

its a garden shop in richmond but its amazing. AMAZING. super expensive but great and the shop is devine. again, might be better in summer but def worth doing. book this and wolsely now maybe.
i would also get someone to take you to the shoreditch house. bit like the other soho houses - but worth a trip - quite pretty.
odd, but if you find yourself on high street ken, the new wholefoods is there. much better than the ones over here. dont make a huge effort but if you are there, pop in.
lounge lovers is a good drinks place. years old but fun and pretty -ooh getting jealous. you'll have so much fun.

Marcie Greene said...

I don't think we are going to make it on Sat morning, as we are scheduled to be in Norwich to visit friends overnight. But I hear you on La Duree - I never go to London (or Paris for that matter, though much less often) without getting my fix! The macaroons are amazing, I've brought them back before so I'll see what I can do to hook you up (any requests?)!! I got an amazing candle their last trip as well, smells like lavender but in a very pretty french way.

I'm proud to say Dirk took me to the Wolseley my first trip there, while he was still trying to woo me - and it was great, so civilized compared to our East Village brunches here. And his mum got me a gift coin for Liberty's last time, so I should but it to good use during this trip.

Everything else is all new to me - will definitely try to check it out and thanks so much for the tips!! Like an American dork I want to see the new Regent Street Banana Republic as well, just to see if its different than ours (definitely more expensive, I'm sure).