Sunday, February 3, 2008

Dirk's Super Bowl Debut

Finally - the Super Bowl has come and gone, and Dirk's ad had it's debut! I am trying to post it on the site, but not sure if it is working. Here is a still from it (above), and all of the ads (including the cute Coke - Balloons ad that The Mill also did, below) are available to view on myspace.


Ing said...

Hey Marce - this blog thing is GREAT! The Coke spot was my fave of the whole Superbowl. I'm glad to hear Dirk's (former) employer did that one. Did Dirk work on it? It was the best commercial.

Marcie Greene said...

hi Ing - Dirk didn't work on the balloon spot, but he did a ton of work on the Shaq spot. I'll pass on your thoughts to him!