Sunday, February 10, 2008


We had one of those only-in-New York dinners on Saturday, at Graffiti in the East Village. The restaurant is tiny (I estimated about 1/4 the size of our apartment, or maybe 8 feet wide - what you see here is about it). Dirk and I had dinner with Jeff, and we shared the back table with 6 other people, which is always good to see what they ordered and you didn't. Everything about it was special - the chef is also the host, the small menu is very thought out and easy to order from (everything is grouped by price, and all wine is $25 a bottle although we opted for the lychee prosecco martinis - yum!), and when the food is brought to the table it is carefully explained ingredient by ingredient. Everything tasted excellent - you can tell that this is a place that has had a lot of love put into it and it shows. Even though we tried most everything on the menu, I am looking forward to our next trip!


natalie v said...

this place looks lovely, we'll come with you next time. and looks like a good price too. always good. i keep meaning to add restaurants to my blog so i can remember where we went but i never end up doing it. hope you are enjoying london.

lastly, is it just me or is the word verification exercise often impossible to decipher. v.annoying

Marcie Greene said...

We actually said when we were there that we wanted to come back with you and Nick, so we'll definitely arrange something when we are all back in March. I don't have to do the decipher thing, not sure if it's because I'm already logged in?