Sunday, February 10, 2008

Oh, How the Mighty Have Fallen.........

I just want to say that, as much as I love talking about restaurants I love, I also get very frustrated when places seem to disappoint. I posted about our new favorite go-to place, The Smith, and I now have to sadly take it back. Now not only can I not get in as a walk-in (Friday night we were promised 40 minutes, then when that was up it was going to be ANOTHER 40 minutes, to which we went somewhere else), but this morning I waited 20 minutes for a brunch reservation while other people got seated ahead of us ("They have been waiting a long time" the hostess said. 80 minutes, I presume). I know these things happen, and I certainly have never run a restaurant to know how hard it is. And I will admit most of my frustrations stem more from the hostess' attitude (after I talked to the manager about the issues I felt better, but I am still unsure if and when we will return). Can anyone change my mind?

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